Our Services

At Tonic SEO we provide many different kinds of services and care packages to our clients. If you have in mind a service which is not mentioned here, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Website Design Service

Designing a website can be complicated, require a lot of expertise and it can be expensive.  We can provide you with an excellent website design service, implementation, guidance and development that will not just make your website look good, rank higher on Google and other search engines but also help gain and convert as many sales as possible.


Website Hosting Services

We are able to provide you with a secure, professional and fast loading web hosting services.

Our servers are usually a minimum of 1gbps (giga bit per second) or 1000 MBPS (mega bit per second) up and down internet speed. In comparison Virgin Media top home internet package is 350mbps internet connection only provides 20mbps upload. Upload is required when sending your website data to potential customers and therefore our server is averagely 50x faster than virgin media top package home upload speed.

The servers we provide are optimised to use as little bandwidth as possible and help load your website as soon as possible. By doing so, google can rank you higher based on the speed it takes for your website to load.


Organic Search Engine Website Optimisation

Search Engines like Google, Bing and others all use different algorithms and complex mathematical equations to decide where your website ranks in the grand scheme of things however, they are ways you can improve your position and ranking overall. We can help optimise your website to do this with our experts providing the best service for you every step of the way.


Bad Reviews and News Press Removals

Being in the media for negative reasons or having bad reviews against you and/or your company can have a huge impact on not just your customer base but also your business relations. Banks, merchant facilities, investors and others will normally research you on the internet before making a decision on whenever they want to do business with you. This can have a serve impact on business relations and force some out of business.

We are able to help you by helping to remove as many bad reviews, press or news articles about you and replacing them with positive ones. We have vast experience in doing so get in contact today to find out more!


High Quality and Powerful Backlink Submissions

Having businesses and important websites link to you can be the difference between position 1 and 100 when it comes to your position on search engines. We often see websites have many thousands of links, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of links and have still rank lower than websites which have around 100 backlinks.

This is because quality is always more important and prominent than quantity. Having many thousands of back-links can often land you with google penalising your website and purposely ranking it lower or entirely removing you from Google due to violating its backlink policy.


Press and News Agency Business Coverage Submissions

Structural Marketing Analysis – We can undertake a marketing analysis which will determine potential profit, conversions and visitors to your website or Application as well as the future and recommend improvement and strategies to advance your sales.


Advanced Business Plans

Were able to help you develop business plans for banks, merchant accounts, business loans and for anything else. Our experts in business will map out the forecast for your business and design a structural plan that is bound to impress any viewers and help increase the chances of acceptance of anyone viewing your plan.


Mobile Applications Development & Solutions

When it comes to online business sales in the 21st century mobile users who buy products through the internet have increased and will continue to increase as time goes on. This therefore means you need to keep ahead of the trends or risk losing sales and ranking lower on search engines like Google which active monitor and rank mobile users experiences and rank you on that basis. At Tonic SEO we can develop mobile applications for you to improve the users experience and make it easier to convert sales.


Business Accountancy Services

Tonic SEO can refer you to good accountants that provide excellent services in both personal self-assessment and business accountancy such as cooperation tax accounting. The accountants will be able to file your cooperation tax for you, vat, vat moss, lower rate vat schemes, different company formations while helping you to save money and lower your overall taxable amounts.


Advertisement of Business Issues and Resolutions

Helping you resolve business advertisement issues is one of our strongest points. We can advise you on issues you may face and provide better and more relevant advertisement alternatives to help improve your overall exposure to your computers and help increase sales by better understanding your business model.


Merchant Application Services

Applying for Merchant Account can be difficult to negotiate. If you are refused by a Merchant it normally means you are unable to apply again for the same Merchant account but we are able to help. Using our expertise and vast experience in the merchant industry, we will be able to better advise you and help you complete your application to get a Merchant account and can help you keep your merchant account.


Merchant Chargeback Advisory and Help

Got a complicated business model or a complicated charge-back from a merchant facility? We can help dealing with all kinds of Merchant Facility disputes. By keeping your charge-backs to a minimum by using good business strategies and effectively fighting charge-backs


Merchant Account Dispute Resolution

Is your merchant account provider stating they are considering shutting you down, stated they are going to shut you down or holding your money for a period of time or unlimited amount of time? We can help resolve your dispute and act as a medium to remedy these kind of matters in your favour.


Help and Advice Setting Up A Company

Tonic SEO can help by providing you key advice in relation to your business setup avoiding higher taxes, cheap accountancy services, advisement and legal business structures that will benefit your business setup.


Facebook Ads Management

Allowing us to manage your Facebook Paid Ads and help improve conversions and sales while maximising cost per lead by lowing the overall cost and exceeding all sales potentials.


Facebook Page Management

We can manage your Facebook page and work with you to increase likes for your page, likes for your posts, sales conversions improvement through Facebook organic marketing and gain followers that will convert to sales.


Google Ad Words Management

Our expert team can manage your Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) account and help you gain ground increasing your position for keywords and helping to lower the cost while converting and maximising sales.


Advertisement Penalisation and Penalties

Whenever its Facebook, Google, News, TV or any other platform were able to help you get out of the red and back into the green with advertisement issues whenever they are legal or non-legal related and can help with ASA, CAP and other watchdogs. We can further help mediate and negotiate a good outcome for both parties while helping to maintain your business moralities to the best standard.