We spent over 2 million pounds with Tonic


The company was quickly turned into a multi-million-pound company which started from nothing to become something big. We were the smallest company in the industry when we turned to Tonic SEO for guidance in Marketing and quickly became one of the largest in the industry. We started paying them very little for great results and decided to pay them more and more as time went on.

We now have spent over 2 million pounds with them and cannot express in words how happy we are with the service.

400% increase in sales


When we first began switching from a major SEO supplier to Tonic SEO, we have doubts about the results. We were already getting amazing results with our previous supplier but we wanted to try something new and find out what another provider could do for us. We were not disappointed our sales increased by almost 400% in the first 3 months. We cannot thank you enough for your dedicated service!
We have tried many SEO companies and non-seem to compare to Tonic SEO they go above and beyond for their clients and provide an amazing service you simply cannot compare to others.

Exceeded what i expected


I could not believe our eyes we asked Tonic SEO to optimise our website for organic SEO. Within days we moved to first page we were originally on page one! I will be purchasing further services through this company as they are complete experts in Marketing. We would strongly recommend them to everyone expect our competitors.

A fantastic improvement


I cannot describe the service I have received in words. Damien Head of Marketing at Tonic SEO cares strongly for his clients and provides them with nothing less than 100%. He constantly works to improve our campaign and business marketing making suggestions that provide real leads and conversions in our sales. Our sales have almost doubled since his dedicated and continued work. We cannot praise him enough!

A quick turn around


I cannot thank Tonic SEO enough. The company quickly turned into a multi million pound cooperation that exceeded all others in the industry.

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